Channel Development

Ken Thoresen, Acumen ManagementOver the past 10 years, Acumen has helped hundreds of Cisco, Microsoft, SAP, TechData, Ingram, SolidWorks and CA partners improve their performance by helping them transform their product-based businesses into solution-based practices.

Creating a profitable, high performance channel that is self-sustaining enables channel managers to achieve their targets more cost effectively. To help you achieve success, we use our vast repertoire of real world content that we have gained through working with partners in a variety of environments, consulting with partner organizations, and our collective channel-based organizational leadership.

"Ken's presentation was an excellent precursor to the Cisco Partner Summit. He clearly understands the challenges of a channel partner. He presents his information so we can digest, process and apply it. If you can apply what he presents, you're going to be ahead of your competitors."

"As companies continue to focus on their core competencies, we often neglect the core attributes that will enable even more success. Ken's presentation helps put it back in focus. He addresses core leadership principles that most of us can recognize, but need brought back to the front in this manner. We approach most workshops or seminars with a 'we don't have time for it' attitude; Ken does an excellent job of emphasizing the points and their importance while remaining connected to the audience and not sounding patronizing."

Kyle van Hoften, Director of Marketing, Global CTI Group.
  • new product launches
  • marketing initiatives
  • vertical market development
  • business management operations
  • sales management programs
  • partner research
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