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Acumen Management Group, Ltd.® is a nationally based consulting organization, focused on building organizations through the execution of strategic sales management.

Our services include: Consulting, Seminars, Motivational Events, Sales Management Board of Advisors, and Certification Programs.
Our client focus is technology and service based organizations, ranging from early stage, turnaround, to global based corporations.

Strategic Sales Management: Planning Through Execution

Ken Thoresen, Acumen ManagementStrategic sales management is the key to building your organization and guaranteeing business success. The Acumen Management Group will assist you in creating a strategic sales management program that creates positive, predictable revenue.

When you take your sales and marketing groups to the next level of achievement, you take your business to the next level of success. The Acumen Management Group offers consulting services that can help you reach that next level. Our first priority is to understand your objectives. Then we design proven and creative strategies along with the correct tactics to "hit the mark".

We work with you and your team to build an atmosphere of positive motivation, guided by directive plans and focused management. Our commitment is unique; Not only do we create a personalized plan, we then continue to work with you and your team to execute that program. We understand the market, the operational issues, and the necessary tactics to implement a sales plan. Experienced in developing, and building sales groups and executing proven programs for organizations in the early stage, high-growth, and turnaround situations, the Acumen Management Group helps you achieve your goals by providing:
  • sales management planning
  • organizational design
  • recruitment strategies
  • compensation planning
  • market and territory analysis
  • strategic alliance program development
  • salesperson development programs
  • distribution/channel management strategies
  • account management strategies
Our Comprehensive, Personalized Approach

We get to the heart of your matter immediately with an assessment process that provides the basis for creating an action-oriented program. We stay involved throughout the implementation of that plan, working with your management team to ensure execution of all tactical steps. The new systems that we develop will continue to serve as standard operating processes within your organization.

Components of A Strategic Sales Management Plan

A strategic sales management program must complement corporate business marketing plans and include:
  • business and market overview
  • monthly activity tactical plans to build market dominance
  • target account planning
  • sales organizational design plan for the next 24 months
  • definition of the sales process
  • measurement of success factors and targets
  • channel strategy
  • sales technology plans and process
  • sales certification programs
  • recruitment strategy, process
  • development of strategic partners and alliances
  • revenue and quota forecasting tools
  • compensation plans and objectives
Situational Sales Management

As a business progresses, effective and systematic sales management becomes even more crucial. An early stage company entering new markets, with new products, must establish a comprehensive sales management systems to attract, build and manage a distribution channel. For high-growth companies that are launching new products that will effect the company's future, more sophisticated strategic sales management is required to outpace the product penetration and distribution channel development. Therefore, sales management systems must be established to attract, build and manage appropriate distribution channels. If an organization's revenues have flattened or declined, sales management has clearly failed to establish critical links within the sales organization's structure.

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Ken Thoresen, Acumen Management

“Acumen’s expertise in the strategic and tactical aspects of building and leading a sales organization was perfect for our organization. We changed compensation, increased accountability, built onboarding systems for new-hire training, and brought discipline to our interviewing, hiring and ongoing training systems.”
Stacy Schuettler LBMC Technologies, LLC

"We have found that by blending Cisco’s focus in Financial Services along with Acumen Management’s vertical expertise and targeted sales, marketing and business consulting services, we have accelerated our level of business growth. I would highly recommend to any Partner that is serious to utilize Acumen’s team"
Dan Holt
Heit Consulting

"If I were to condense my opinion of the value received from you over the years into one thought it would be that you provide detail upon detail in our conversations – not abstract theory but practical, useable information."
Wilma Roach
Open Door Technology

I was very impressed with his knowledge. He gave some valid feedback, did research on our company, and made sure we were getting what was needed out of the session. I was impressed by the whole high-touch series!
Kevin Osborn
The Broadleaf Group

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