Hire the Best! Recruit a Top-Tier Sales Team

Hire the Best!  Recruit a Top-Tier Sales TeamRecruiting is the #1 challenge for sales managers and the #1 most important portion of the job. In this module, learn specific tactics to improve your existing process and how to take the emotion out of hiring. Hiring the wrong salesperson can cost you four times what you end up paying that person. Learn how to avoid hiring landmines that lead to failure, turnover, damaged profitability, and marred market reputation. Ken’s insights from 15+ years of experience assisting organizations in developing systems, tools, and tips will help you pass on “C” candidates and hire “A”. Don’t miss the session on Onboarding new hires in this module, it’s a winner.

  • Evaluate Your Team
  • Identify Hiring Mistakes
  • Determine Your Ideal Profile
  • Finding Candidates 
  • Creating Your Interview Scorecard (Tool)
  • Attracting the Right Candidate
  • Telephone Interview (Tool)
  • Interviewing Process (Tool)
  • Extra Tips/Tricks
    • Assessments
    • Case Studies
    • Presentations
    • Effective Onboarding

Recruiting High Performance Sales Teams
by Ken Thoreson

Recruiting High Performance Sales Teams by Ken ThoresonThis is your book if you need ideas on increasing your sales team’s performance, leading and managing your sales organization to the next level. 39 chapters literally jammed with hundreds of proven ideas that address every aspect of sales management. (read more )

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