Lead the Best! Become a Successful Sales Leader

Lead the Best! Become a Successful Sales LeaderYou need both leadership and management to create success. Leadership provides vision and direction. Management drives programs that improve performance. In this enlightening session, Ken discusses the 5 styles of leadership and the 5 styles of effective sales management and when to use each. The demanding job of being a sales leader requires interfacing with top management, peer managers, employees and customers—the ultimate circle of challenge. Many sales managers miss the element of “emotion” in leading sales; this is a critical element in creating a high performance sales team. Ken’s training prepares you with an understanding of all requirements of this job. Learn how strategy, tactics, and leadership intersect and why execution of each is critical to sales management success.
  • Why Sales Managers Fail
  • Building a Culture of High Performance
  • Understanding Leadership Style vs. Management
  • Creating Belief

Leading High Performance Sales Teams
by Ken Thoreson

Leading High Performance Sales Teams by Ken ThoresonThis is your book if you need ideas on increasing your sales team’s performance, leading and managing your sales organization to the next level. 39 chapters literally jammed with hundreds of proven ideas that address every aspect of sales management. (read more )

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Leading High Performance Sales Teams