Manage the Best! Sales Systems that Build Predictable Revenue

Manage the Best! Sales Systems that Build Predictable RevenueLooking for a formula for sales success? This module focuses on increasing sales management effectiveness. Understanding which leading indicators to measure and determining key business drivers are essential for creating predictable revenue. Beyond simply creating reports and tracking data, this tactical and example-driven module assists any sales manager in how to use the information you uncover to identify critical areas to manage your organization and each salesperson.. Ken’s insights from 15+ years of experience assisting organizations in developing systems, tools, and tips will help you better understand and use each salesperson’s strengths and weaknesses to lift your team to the next level.

  • What Great Sales Organizations Achieve
  • Building Accountability
  • Creating Sales Management Plans
  • Understanding Pipeline Metrics
  • Developing Leading Indicators and Sales Dashboards
  • Using Salesperson Business Plans to Create a Self-Managed Team
  • Using Account Planning and Learning to Cross Sell/Up Sell (Tool)

Utilize our Online Sales Management Tool Kit, library of sales management tools

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