Pay the Best! Create Compensation Programs that Work

Pay the Best! Create Compensation Programs That WorkCompensation is strategic, not tactical. This powerful training module assists the sales manager in evaluating their current compensation plan, assessing the organization’s and sales team’s goals, and creating compensation plans that align goals and drive performance. Ken’s insights from 15+ years of experience assisting organizations in developing strategic compensation plans provide the basis for this module. Ken shares the right formulas to use and examples that of margin, revenue, and team-combination compensation. A bonus section will help you increase fun and excitement with sales incentives and sales games. Re-think what you know about compensation planning to re-energize your sales team.

  • Developing Your Objectives and Goals
  • Determining Your Sales Team’s Maturity Level 
  • Understanding Types of Compensation Plans
  • Determining Cost of Sales (COS) and Measurement Ratios
  • Creating a Results-Oriented Program
    • Examples
  • Creating a Compensation Committee and Rolling Out Your Plan
  • Building Sales Incentive Games

Resource Center: Creating High Performance Sale Compensation Plans, (URL), Ken’s book on sales compensation


Creating High Performance Sale Compensation Plans

By Ken Thoreson

Sales comSales Compensation for the High Performance Sales Team by Ken Thoresonpensation is only one ingredient in building a high performance sales team, but a very important one. In 25 years I have created many sales compensation plans and during the last 13 years as a consultant I have been involved in designing hundreds of plans. (read more )

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