Sales Management Advisory Board

Our premise is simple—either in a one-to-one coaching session or by bringing together a group of individuals with sales management responsibility that wish to share, learn, cooperate and succeed—we help people succeed. Many sales management professionals do not have the opportunity to consult with others about the challenges of their job, seek advice, get coaching or gain motivation when it's needed.

Over the years, we have found a number of diverse challenges that individuals with sales management responsibility face.

We are:
  • Responsible for Corporate Revenue Generation
  • Responsible to Corporate Management
  • Responsible to our Sales Team
  • A Customer / Client Spokesperson
  • Handling Inner Corporate / Divisional Relationships
  • Managing Time / Energy / Emotional Cycles
  • Managing Multiple Resources

That’s why Acumen Management Group, Ltd. is now offering a select group of sales management professionals what has been previously available only for CEOs and presidents – an on-going professional group that works together to assist, nurture and challenge thinking. Here’s a unique opportunity to enhance your performance by sharing plans, accomplishments and problems with your peers within a secure, high-level environment.

A new Acumen Sales Management Board of Advisors is forming – 10 monthly meetings for two hours each on the third Thursday of each month. Some of the topics we’ll visit are:
  • Sales Certification Programs
  • Hiring More Effectively, Making the Right Choice
  • Learning to Coach and Being Coached
  • The Personnel Side of Company Interactions
  • Learning to Work more Effectively with Your Management Team
  • Management and Psychology of Leading
  • Business Strategies of the Future
  • Creating Culture
  • Personal Focus
  • Branding and Sales/Marketing Management
Make the commitment to grow professionally and personally.
Contact us quickly to take advantage of this limited charter membership offer:

The purpose of the Sales Management Advisory Board is to create a monthly event where a small group of individuals can learn more about their career, share the challenges they face, and gain insights into how other individuals with similar responsibilities drive their business and solve problems. You will also hear and learn about your peers' plans and assist them in their growth. In this group problem sharing and solving environment, you are able to learn from their problems and solutions translating it to your situation.

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