Sales Management Online Tool Kit

An online content library of pertinent tools, ideas, documents and processes designed to build a high performance sales organization. The materials created for you by the "thought leader" of sales management; Acumen Management Group, Ltd.

Enhance Sales Performance
  • How to build a vertical presence
  • Sales qualifying questions
  • Time Management Tips for Sales
  • Blitz days tracker
  • 20 Point Game
  • Channel Conflict
  • Salesperson Development Plan
  • Executive Pre Call Check List
  • Pre Call Check List
  • Salesperson Performance Plan
  • Demonstration Tips/Tricks

Sales Plans/Build Predictable Revenue

  • Sales management audit list
  • Sales Ladder to Close
  • Discovery Document
  • Sales Channel Lead Policy
  • Marketing Planning Analysis
  • Won/Lost Report
  • Account Planning Strategy
  • Account Strategy Form
  • Salesperson Business Plan
  • Sales Strategy, making the sale
  • Maximize Trade Show Opportunities
  • Preparation tips, check list, dos and don'ts
  • Trade show lead process
  • Lead Sheet
  • Conduct Productive Sales Meetings
  • Sales Meeting Agenda format
  • Kick-off meeting ideas
  • Acumen Mgmt Reading List
  • Sales Meeting Checklist
  • Negotiating Tips
  • Telephone Mistakes


  • Develop a Value Proposition
  • Market Planning/Calendar
  • Building a Vertical Market
Hire and Develop Quality Sales Professionals
  • Interviewing scorecard
  • Interviewing Process
  • Sales Account Executive
  • VP of S/M Job Description
  • Salesperson Job Description
  • Recruiting Revenue Lost Tool
  • Commission Tracking Tools
  • Commission Plan Issues
  • Compensation Contract
  • New Hire On-Boarding Sales Training Plan
  • VP of Sales On-Boarding Plan
  • Offer Letter
  • Creating Sales Compensation Plans
  • Hot Dog Story
  • Lobsters and Growth
Business Management

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