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How to Recruit a High Performance Sales Team

This seminar helps sales leaders understand the components of successful recruiting, the most critical function of sales management and could entail up to 15-20% of sales management’s focus. Attendees develop a detailed, competitive recruiting and interviewing process for “getting the one you want,” including:
  • Creating job descriptions
  • Developing an ideal candidate profile
  • Interview scorecards
  • Interview questions
  • Sales profiling tools
  • Selecting the "best person, not the best available"
  • The relationship between timing, hiring and revenue achievement
  • Building a file of prospective sales candidates
Lead, Manage and Motivate Your TeamsKen Thoresen, Acumen Management

This session covers the top five focus points of successful companies and how they build successful cultures that excel. Learn when to use the five styles of leadership and seven styles of management. We examine profiles of successful CEOs and why some CEOs fail. Discover how to build a sustaining business model, proper metrics and a dashboard to manage
for profit.

Learn how to implement the 10 key principles for managing a successful organization:
  • Corporate culture is deep and consistent
  • Business strategies come first
  • Business development effectiveness is essential
  • Best practices are consistent from industry to industry
  • Sales is a corporate priority
  • Structured process is key to repeatable success
  • Teamwork prevails in business
  • Training and recruitment are critical
  • Compensation is linked to corporate objectives
  • Corporate image and branding are important
Sales Management Systems, Forecasting Tools,
Success Indicators and Effective Coaching Techniques

This sales training seminar reviews the importance of effective sales management systems, business/marketing/sales management metrics, forecasting tools, their purpose and how sales managers use them to exceed monthly objectives. The presentation also assists attendees in developing sales measurement success indicators and how to use them in building a predictive forecasting stream and in coaching salespeople. Understanding discipline, accountability, and control are important aspects of this seminar. The attendees take away sample forecasting formats, pertinent sales success indicators and how to use them for coaching, and a document on how to "how to coach for success".

Creating a Self-Managed Sales Organization learn more

This seminar covers the development and implementation of six-month tactical business plans and quarterly account plans for salespeople. We also cover creating a personalized goal setting, activity modeling and monitoring accountability programs. Learn how to build:

Development techniques and their use in account development, pipeline and quota attainment, influencer/consultant focus, new account creation, market and territory coverage, and personal and sales skill development
Semi-annual, long-term forecasting plans that build strong revenue plans
Salesperson professional development programs to increase performance

Break Out and Grow!!! A Business Building Workshop

The Break-Out Boot Camp is a two-day small-group experience facilitated by experienced personnel that challenges the thinking and past business experiences of executives. This program assists executives in developing the right strategies and aligned tactics to accelerate corporate growth and ensure effective execution of agreed-to business plans. Acumen’s program has been developed to accommodate company concerns, goals, and circumstances and to foster group interchange and creativity. Individual executive coaching is included. Acumen’s program has been created as an on going learning, mentoring, and monitoring approach to ensure focus and to “operationalize” strategy and goal achievement. Attendees learn proven business planning techniques, strategic planning concepts, and transition road-mapping process. Acumen consultants conduct an individual quarterly review with each attendee.

The workshop reviews techniques that sales leaders and sales professionals can use to introduce a process that ensures long term success and a sustaining business model.

Other Topics for Acumen Sales Training Seminars:
  • Understanding the Role of Leadership and Management
  • Building a Winning Sales Compensation Program
  • Building a Certification and Salesperson Development Training Program
  • Driving Top Line Revenue with Measured Results….
  • Bridging the Gap—Creating a United Sales & Marketing Front!
  • Building Predicable Revenue—Understanding Business Drivers and Pipeline Metrics
  • Learning to Partner for Profit, Leverage and Competitive Advantage
  • Creating Real Business Value in Your Organization
  • Executive Development and Effective Execution
  • Creating a Sales Focused Culture for High Performance
  • Building Business and Personal Vision for Growth
  • Driving Prospecting and Demand Generation for Growth
  • Complex Selling Strategies—How to Coach and Win!
  • Creating a Solution Oriented Services Focused Sales Organization
  • Enhancing Partner Relationships and Building the Sustaining Power of Your Channel
  • Creating a Vertical Go-to-Market Strategic and Tactical Sales/Marketing Program
Ken Thoresen, Acumen Management

"Microsoft selected me as one Microsoft Partner to send to Ken's seminar's. His facilitation session and 10 subsequent weeks of tele-conference training really brought me to a different realization in my company. My firm is now one of 8 Gold Partners in Kentucky. I learned to "Inspect what I Expect" from Ken and I have never forgotten that. I recommend the thought provoking activities to anyone except my competition."
Russ Hensley

"Ken's presentation was an excellent precursor to the Cicsco Partner Summit.  He clearly understands the challenges of a channel partner.  He presents his information so we can digest, process and apply what he presents, you're going to be ahead of your competitors."

"As companies continue to focus on their core competencies, we often neglect the core attributes that will enable even more success. Ken's presentation helps put it back in focus. He addresses core leadership principles that most of us can recognize, but need brought back to the front in this manner. We approach most workshops or seminars with a 'we don't have time for it' attitude; Ken does an excellent job of emphasizing the points and their importance while remaining connected to the audience and not sounding patronizing."
Kyle van Hoften, Director of Marketing, Global CTI Group

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