SLAMMED!!! For the First Time Sales Manager

SLAMMED!!! For the First Time Sales ManagerWelcome to the fourth book in the Sales Management Guru series, this book was designed with the same philosophy as the first three books-that being Sales Leaders generally don’t have a lot of time and they generally have a lot of challenges. This is especially true of the first time sales manager, in many of my consulting projects or in our workshops we are working with sales managers who are being introduced to the role for the first time. If they have been in the role for more than four months, they are SLAMMED! When I suggest that the lifetime of a sales manager is 18 months, many begin to feel the pressure. That is why I wrote this book, to give the first time sales manager a fighting chance to win and succeed. This book is jammed packed with ideas, tools and thoughts that not only I have experienced but I have seen in 15 years of consulting.

This specific book is meant to provide great value to address both time management and a variety of challenges the first time sales manager faces. We broke the book into general sections that are at the crux of a sales manager’s world and within each section we are providing short topical discussions that will provide answers to the day to day and long term challenges sales leaders face.

My goal is be a rich resource for new and existing sales managers. BONUS: Check out the appendix for the complete list of Acumen Management Group’s Sales Leadership resources.

We are expecting to complete the Sales Management Guru series this year with a total of six books, which when I started writing 10 years ago, my goals was five!

These books and Acumen’s Interactive Sales Manager’s Tool Kit, (robust online library of Sales Management Tools) and monthly newsletter “Why Sales Managers Succeed!” can provide any business the information, real world solutions and idea’s to building high performance sales organization.

Our award winning blog is a must read for sales managers;

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“Ken Thoreson has hit a home run the Your Sales Management Guru’s Guide series. If you want to take your sales team to the next level, read these books!”
- Jeb Blount, CEO of and
Author of People Buy You:
The Real Secret to What Matters Most in
Business and Power Principles

“If you’re a crazy-busy sales manager and constantly worried about reaching your revenue goals, follow Ken Thoreson’s savvy advice to create a high-performance sales organization.”

- Jill Konrath, Author of SNAP Selling
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“Your Sale Management Guru’s Guide is the most practical how-to book on the topic of recruiting top sales talent that I’ve read.”

 - Roberto (Bob) F. Sanchez, Managing Partner,
SunGard Consulting Services and
 former CEO & Managing
Partner of Sales Performance International

“Ken’s series of books are jammed packed with processes, systems and ideas that can be easily implemented for immediate impact.”

- Brett Clay, Author of Selling Change:
101+ Secrets for Growing Sales by
 Leading Change Praise for Your
Sales Management Guru's Guide

“No fluff, no theory, no cheerleading, just substance. In his series of Your Sales Management Guru’s Guide books, Ken Thoreson delivers solid, practical, actionable guidance for sales management success. From crafting a vision to maximizing the productivity of weekly sales meetings, Ken provides concrete recommendations that sales executives can begin applying immediately to make a positive difference in their teams’ performance. “

 - Tom Pick, Social Media Consultant
and Webbiquity blog author.

“Ken Thoreson’s Your Sales Management Guru’s books are among the best sales management books I have read.”

- Thomas J. Winninger, CPAE,
 founder of the Winninger
Institute for Market Growth Strategies.

“Quick, ready-to-use sales management tools that are right on target for today’s new 21st Century sales environment. Now more than ever, sales leadership and sales management are critical components to organizational success. Effectively
executing that role is essential. These tools are an invaluable asset to anyone who has responsibility for organizational sales success.”

- Frank Chamberlain, International Sales
Consultant and Trainer,
 President of Resource Technologies, Inc.

“Ken Thoreson applies his in-depth experience to help sales leaders do the things which need to be done - consistently and persistently. If you are serious about becoming the very best sales leader that you possibly can become, I urge you to read Ken Thoreson’s words of wisdom – and then read them again.”

 - Jonathan Farrington, CEO of Top Sales Associates, Chairman of The jf Corporation
and the creator of Top Sales World.

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SLAMMED!!  For the First Time Sales Manager