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Acumen Sales Management Training Center

Session One -
   Hire the Best!

Hire the Best!  Recruit a Top-Tier Sales TeamRecruiting is the #1 challenge for sales managers and the #1 most important portion of the job. (read more)
Session Two -
  Expect the Best

Expect the Best!  Coach and Train for SuccessThe best sales managers have mastered how to train and coach their teams to the next level. (read more)
Session Three -
  Manage the Best!

Manage the Best! Sales Systems that Build Predictable RevenueLooking for a formula for sales success? This module focuses on increasing sales management effectiveness (read more)

Session Four -
  Pay the Best

Pay the Best! Create Compensation Programs That WorkCompensation is strategic, not tactical. This powerful training module assists the sales manager in evaluating their current (read more)
Session Five -
  Lead the Best!

Lead the Best! Become a Successful Sales LeaderYou need both leadership and management to create success. Leadership provides vision and direction.   (read more)
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